More than Car Wrap

Wrapping Outside the Box

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At Wrap Ad Media, we have it all when it comes to full vehicle wraps. We offer a large range of colors, designs, and finishes; proven expertise and experience; and unique, customized designs to provide you the best in brand recognition. But one thing that truly sets us apart from the competition, is our ability to see beyond car wraps.

Car and truck wraps are becoming more and more popular as an effective advertising tool that reaches a wide audience. They’re long-lasting, cost-efficient, and provide a great way to get your brand seen and noticed.

We thought: why stop at vinyl vehicle wraps?

Boosting the Brand

Customer service is our business’ number one goal, because we believe that all the other details: being specialists in installation and design; custom looks; our wide selection of color and finish options, etc. all fall under the heading of customer service. We also believe thinking outside the box falls under good customer service, and our team works hard to make that happen for our clients. Some of our top customers are great examples of ways our business goes above and beyond a place to wrap cars, but is also a leader in advertising on many other mediums.


Happy Customers Who Went Beyond Automotive Wrap:

Wrap Ad Media did automotive wraps for Beer Sylos, for Steamworks Brewing, and along with their truck wraps, we assisted their brand in making a bigger impact by also wrapping their golf course Beer Carts, thereby helping them reach a much more diverse audience.

The Vancouver Giants Hockey Club hired us to wrap a Zamboni they use for promotional photos, special events, etc.

Cedarbrook Bakery hired us to help their customers feel more motivated to buy gelato when browsing their bakery—we did a custom wrap on their Gelato Case. Our wrap job transformed a boring, plain case into colorful advertising artwork that catches the customer’s eye and inspires them to buy Cedarbrook’s delicious gelato.  

Working with You

Wrap Ad Media has over 15 years experience bringing its customer's customized wraps for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. This form of advertising is long-lasting and effective, but what puts us a cut above is our ability to see and offer a diverse range of wrap items to our customers that go beyond automotive wraps. Our high quality vinyl wraps make excellent advertising for boats, floors, walls, as well as custom items such as those mentioned above.

Why limit yourself when it comes to advertising your brand?

Wrap Ad media and our experienced team make new ad exposure possible. 

Parker Kump